Naked Nature

Leg Day

June 17th, 2019

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Booty healing update

As some of you know I had a traumatic experience involving a piece of glass and dis fat ass :o I’ve been taking real good care of the scar and rubbing it out using creams etc and I’m finally comfortable with the stage of healing it’s at. So here’s a lil update ;)

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While the politcal body known as America/ the sad man leading it celebrated the fourth by taking 2.5 million $ from the national parks and having a parade with bombs.. iiii had my own lil celebration in the woods. Ur invited, just look for the glowing portal ;)

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Gemini Szn Shoot

Come up to Mount Olympus and get an eyeful of behind the scenes photos from my yearly tradition of turning myself into TWINS! Yes, these are the completely unedited shots that didn't end up in the final artwork. Yes, that's a fresh scar on my butt from getting stabbed with glass (long story). Yes, that;s almond oil from my slippery wet body all over the wall. First 2 pics are the high res final digital artworks. Now you can have two Alex's at once, one month of the year that is ;)

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Birthday Suit Hike

I went in on my birthday hike pics cause YOU deserve to be showered in gifts too ;)

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Beach jog

Just gettin my festival bod right and my blood pumpin ;)

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Wildest Trail

Surprise, I made it out west ;) here’s the first hike of many

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Back Saver Yoga Routine

Photoset to go along with my back saver yoga routine video. In skibbies of course c;

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Valentine’s BTS ♥️

Outtakes and behind the scenes from my Valentine’s Day shoot. Champagne and sacrificing Barbie dolls nbd ;) February 2019. Cheers babez

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Whenever I find a shower I really like (so pretty much all of them) you know I have to share it with y’all ;)

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February I


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First Van Trip: Ch2

Here’s some not-safe-for-insta shots from my last stop on the way home from my very first trip in the van ever. Froze my bullocks off just for you ?❄️

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MAYL Photoshoot

All the high-res photographs from my shoot with Mayl ;)

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Happiest of holidays ❤️


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Naked Hike December

Found an abandoned, washed out beach on my recent road trip..and y'all know hat happens when I'm all alone ;p

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First night in my van

Sweet dreams ;)

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The vansion is really starting to look like my home now ^.^ Walls, ceiling, kitchen, bed, and closet are up! No one knows but you guys so shhhh. Also, no one but you gets to see these pics of me and my curious magical mallet ;)

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November II

Busy this week (as usual) with the van build but I’m nearing the final stages of decorating and finally moving in! Y’all are gonna be so proud of what lil ol me built from scratch. Til then, here’s some mirror pics hehe

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Naked Hike November

Spent a beautiful, crisp fall afternoon pulling my pants down right off a busy mountain bike trail. It was fun. I was up north working on my van and needed a lil break to shoot some sterff for you guys <3 BIIIG things coming in just a couple weeks

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Magic Shower

October IV Pretty soon I'll be out on the open road showering in lakes, rivers, and of course the gym. So ima enjoy these nice long hot private showers while I can. Can't say I don't like the public showers more tho...

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I choose you, Espeon!

October III Frolicked around a music and arts festival this weekend in my Pokemon onesie, got down to 27 last night and it saved me from death by popsicle. Oh Pokemon Master, won't you choose me? ;) (Oh, and I took some pics once the onesie came off too)ams

Number of pictures: 28

Gettin’ Nipply

First time I’ve been cold since early spring ? but what’s a little chill if it means providing your weekly dose of earthbooty ^.^ hope you’re enjoying the crisp autumn air!

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OCTOBER I: Hey sexy thangs. This was the first full week of workin on the earthvan. Naturally, there is a lot of caulk involved ;)

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Sexy Sailor

SEPTEMBER IV: Wowww the last day of september. Cant believe how fast 2018 has gone. To celebrate an amazing end to summer, heres the outfit i wore to my last festival, but uncensored ;)

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Hey darlins I’m starting to receive some of the photos from a shoot I did a couple weeks ago all tied up in neon lights ;) I will update this album as I receive more and edit them

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September III

I tripped and broke my camera taking these so you better enjoy the hell outta them! tehe ;)

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I got the earthVAN!

SEPTEMBER II: Here's a secret I haven't told anyone yet.. I got my VAN today!!! Yep, the first step towards earthboi's mostly naked journey across the world has been taken. It's still an empty cargo van at the moment, but you best believe I'll be sharing the conversion process with you every step of the way.. hot, sweaty, likely in nothing but a bandanna. Here's some celebratory cockpit pics ;)

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Teepee Time

SEPTEMBER I: Let's have a drum circle in jockstraps ;)

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Naked Hike: August

Hey babez, filmed this month's Naked Hike video today (comes out this Thursday 8/30), and of course had to take a BUTTload of photos to go along with it. Hopefully this will hold you over for a couple days ;) Muah

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Pretty days like these make me wanna STRIP

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AUGUST III: found a big uprooted tree and decided to get naked with it lol

Number of pictures: 6


AUGUST II: After a sweaty run at the park

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4 Wheelin’

AUGUST I: With an accompanying video ;)

Number of pictures: 5

White Sand

JULY IV: Some new white sandy beach buns for ya! Muah

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Thong Hike

JULY III: I take the thong off in a couple days ...

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Zinc hippie

Mineral sunscreen can be sexy ;)

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JULY II: I lost (or won..) a game of strip poker ;)

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Siesta Key

Photos from the Siesta Key trip, make sure to watch the full length vlog for more ;)

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June 2018

Naked Nature archives

Number of pictures: 14

May 2018

spending every waking moment of May outside which means more goodies for you ♡

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Birthday boi shoot

gemini szn ;)

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Earth Day 2018

From the Red River trip

Number of pictures: 4

Oracle Photoshoot

Oracle of Delphi fantasy ;) outtakes from instagram

Number of pictures: 9

Sedona Fall '17

some shots from my trip to AZ

Number of pictures: 6

One of my first naked hikes

Liberation :)

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At My Internship

The few times my phone had a charge what's the one thing that was on my mind . . .

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naked, of course

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Where it all began..

This was actually the first nude photoshoot I ever did with a photographer, I've been hooked ever since ;)

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Handwritten Letter & Photo ♡

For Dream Fund Donors: As a thank you for your generosity, Receive a handwritten letter and signed photograph from me. Send me your address and any photo of me you want printed and signed. Thank you sooooo much :) muah

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