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This is the realm for my most special earthlings...
where magic is real, love is the only language, and everyone is NAKED!

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Who am I?

I'm Alex  :)  aka earthboi, the nymph prince, nature's guardian, and many other names.  Fate has brought us together and landed you here on my website and I couldn't be happier!  Who am I?   I am simply a man on a mission to change the world.  Cliché?  Perhaps.  But from the time I was a little boy I've always felt a little different.  And no, I won't tell the coming out story here, though it is a good one.  I'm talking about my gift/curse to see and feel so deeply.  Growing up in the woods, spending every weekend sleeping under the stars, coming out as the only LGBT person in my school, and battling depression and addiction as so many of us have; all this taught me what truly matters in life. 

We are all interconnected, we are all eternal souls in temporary bodies, and we are all here to do one thing: love.  The human race is off track.  We take take take from Momma Nature, and rarely ever give back.  We obsess and slave over numbers created out of thin air as if they were actual life energy.  We mistake material things for happiness.  We divide ourselves in a seemingly infinite amount of ways, from imaginary borders to imaginary identities. 

My mission is simple. Plant the seeds of change.  Splash ripples of love across the world.  Inspire others to live happier, more fulfilling lives,  not because we eliminated the bad (that's impossible) but because we know what truly matters when all is said and done.  I call this mission The Love Revolution.  

My main goal to bring joy to your life, help you reach your wildest dreams, and maybe even be your wildest dream ;)  


What is earthboi.com? 

This site is a celebration. Of the revolutionary community we are creating, of our freedom to be unapologetically who we are, and our power to create our own reality.  It is a exploration into naturism (living in harmony with nature whilst naked).  Teasing the boundaries between sexuality and beauty.  I accomplish all this through the mediums of videography, photgraphy, and live streaming.  You ready? 


The Tiers:
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Becoming a member of our special family allows me the opportunity to produce amazing content for you full-time.  It allows me to travel the world spreading the love I want to give the world.  It allows me to run this wonderful online community.  And most importantly it allows me to have the time to build a much more personal relationship with YOU.  To show you my gratitude I have created a plethora of personalized rewards:  

Frisky Fireflies  Tier 1 
12.95 / month

♡ Weekly photoshoots + content that isn't allowed on Instagram ;)

♡ Members-only live stream hangouts with moi 

♡ A say in where I go and what I do on my adventures 

♡ My undying love 


Mischievous Moths ♡ Tier 2  
15 / month  OR  24.95 / 2 months (20% off)

♡  Everything listed above PLUS

♡  Weekly Private NSFW VIDEO: naked hikes, teases, dancing, booty, body, etc

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100 / month  OR  150 / 3 months (50% off)

♡  Everything listed above PLUS

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